Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Dance Enthusiast's Dance Up Close with MADboots dance co.

Dancing Up Close to MADboots dance co. Photo by Nir Arieli.

In 2011, Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz formed MADboots dance co. on a whim after discovering an intriguing artistic chemistry.  Devoting themselves to creating works exclusively for men, Campbell and Diaz balance artistic director duties through a blend of compromise, collaboration, and the conviction that two viewpoints can elicit a more interesting response.

While MADboots dance co. may have originated as a lark, Campbell and Diaz have amassed an impressive resume in a short period of time. Their performing credits include showcases at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival’s Inside/Out series, the Duo Multicultural Arts Center, and festivals in Italy and Canada. They have taught master classes at Dance New Amsterdam, Broadway Dance Center, and throughout the United States.

Campbell and Diaz match their athletic, testosterone-fueled choreography with humanistic sensitivity. They enjoy pushing against the boundaries of.....

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Dance Enthusiast's Dance Up Close with Patricia Hoffbauer

Dancing Up Close to Patricia Hoffbauer. Photo by Julie Lemberger.

Patricia Hoffbauer’s upcoming performance of “Para-Dice (Stage 2)” at Danspace will explore her lifelong preoccupation with displacement. Born in Brazil, Hoffbauer has lived in New York for over three decades, and her work confronts the tension she experiences navigating between these two disparate geopolitical entities.

In 2009, she and longtime collaborator Peggy Gould rented rehearsal space with no performance date in sight. The first incarnation of “Para-Dice” appeared as an interdisciplinary, multilingual, fourth-wall-breaking spectacle for four dancers in 2010. Hoffbauer returned to the studio in 2013, adding several performers to the mix. Employing the structure of an academic lecture, “Para-Dice (Stage 2)” is spiced with dance sequences, ab-lib improvisations, and a plethora of props.

Hoffbauer, as much a scholar as a choreographer, presents an interest in.......

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Maria Hassabi's PREMIERE

Maria Hassabi’s “PREMIERE” at The Kitchen in conjunction with Performa 13. Photo by Marialena Marouda. 

Choreographer Maria Hassabi contends that a performative artwork does not exist until its premiere.  A first date of sorts between the artists and the audience, a show can only be realized and evaluated at this moment. In “PREMIERE,” her new piece for The Kitchen in conjunction with Performa 13, Hassabi delves into this correlation between performer and public.

Hassabi challenges this complex relationship immediately. Five performers — three women and two men clad in futuristic denim outfits and slick black shoes — face the entry door to the theater. Both sides of the stage space are covered with glowing lights in a variety of sizes and shapes including globes, grilles, and quadrangles. To reach our seats, we must cross into their space and share their spotlights.

While Hassabi professes an interest in extremely slow movements, it seems her real curiosity lies in....

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Dance Enthusiast's Dance Up Close with Arturo Vidich

Choreographer and performer Arturo Vidich has been showing work in New York City since 2003. Investigative and multidimensional, his pieces have appeared at institutions as varied as The Chocolate Factory, the New Museum, Movement Research, and Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church. In 2010, he won a Bessie (New York Dance and Performance Award) in connection with Yvonne Meier’s Stolen. This November, he returns to Abrons Arts Center to premiere 142241, a work fusing together movement, vocalizations, props, and an electro-acoustic score, all products of Vidich’s inquisitive personality. 

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