Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Impressions of Jody Oberfelder's "4Chambers"

Jody Oberfelder’s 4Chambers at Arts@Renaissance. Photo by Julie Lemberger. 

The heart — pumping blood and throbbing with feeling — is omnipresent in our real and imagined lives. Jody Oberfelder’s “4Chambers” frees it from its bony cage, unleashing its corporeal and metaphorical possibilities.

It isn't for wimps. “4Chambers” is deeply experiential, requiring its half-dozen or so audience members to follow assigned dancer-docents through a maze of rooms. Four "chambers" and two "arteries" are devoted to heart-inspired phenomena. In the Artery of Knowledge, we discover....

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Impressions of Dai Jian and Elena Demyanenko

Dai Jian and Elena Demyanenko in Blue Room. Photo by Ian Douglas.
By virtue of its status as an incubator for dance, New York often throws individuals together who would not meet otherwise. Dai Jian from China and Elena Demyanenko from Russia met while dancing for the Trisha Brown Dance Company. Simpatico spirits possessing short, wiry physiques, they recently forged a choreographic alliance favoring an intuitive approach and a reverence for images steeped in humanity.

The result of this collaboration is their three-work program at New York Live Arts. The centerpiece is....

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Dance Enthusiast's Behind the Scenes with Katie Dean and Nadia Tykulsker

In late February, Nadia Tykulsker and Katie Dean along with Dean's co-choreographer, Heather Bregman, will present a split bill program at Williamsburg's Triskelion Arts. While Tykulsker and Dean create choreography that looks markedly different, both display collaborative tendencies. This impulse manifests itself in alliances with visual artists and composers. The two met while dancing with Red Hook based choreographer Shannon Hummel, and their common interests as twenty-something dance-makers seem the perfect launching point to produce a joint show.

Nadia Tykulsker in a photo by Nicole Malagodi
Nadia Tykulsker, born and bred in Brooklyn, holds a degree from the University of Michigan. After graduation, she returned home and embarked upon her choreographic journey, which has encompassed acting as an artist in residence at Chez Bushwick. Tykulsker likens herself to a........ 

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Katie Dean in a photo by Mike Drake.

Katie Dean and Heather Bregman met while students at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying dance and sculpture respectively. Bregman now lives and works in the British Virgin Islands on a charter boat, which forces the two to get creative with their communication. They correspond ........
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