Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Impressions of Lance Gries' "IF Immanent Field"

Lance Gries’ IF Immanent Field at Danspace. Photo by Ian Douglas. 
Chaos theory contends that an apparent lack of order in a system is, in fact, false as these systems obey specific laws and rules. In other words, just because we don’t understand — or can even identify — these esoteric structures, doesn’t mean that organization isn’t present.

Lance Gries seemingly applies this idea of systems conforming to underlying rules in his piece, IF Immanent Field. Through the piece’s trajectory, he gradually divulges to us the methods that govern it.

He constructs a circular performance space with boundaries defined by loosely grouped chairs and photography studio light banks. Upon entering before the 8 p.m. start time, you will notice that the....

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Impressions of “Beauty and the Beast”

Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz in Beauty and the Beast. Photo by Sheila Burnett.

Fairy tales exude a powerful allure. From sanitized Disney versions with their happily-ever-after endings to darker interpretations that stress macabre undertones, these stories combining magic and meaning expand to fill our psychological needs.

In “Beauty and the Beast,” husband and wife duo Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz splice the traditional narrative with monologues chronicling their personal love story. During a prelude of sorts, they introduce themselves, she vamping in a clingy black dress while he sports a casual t-shirt and bare feet. Fraser addresses the obvious: He has flipper-like arms, a disability caused by the drug Thalidomide, which was prescribed to his mother to curtail her morning sickness.  Atlas Muz is a well-known burlesque dancer, a former winner of Miss Coney Island and Miss Exotic World.

Fraser and Atlas Muz met while preforming in a Coney Island sideshow, and their experiences in alternative theater demonstrate......

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Dance Up Close to Beth Gill

Dance Up Close to Beth Gill

Beth Gill, a native of Westchester, New York, encountered dancing at early age. Inspired by beloved teachers Rose-Marie Menes and Tami Horowitz, she developed a deep fascination with movement and eventually earned a degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Dance in 2003. She acknowledges that she lacked confidence as a performer and felt that choreography was a better fit for her inquisitive personality and long-abiding curiosity about systems.

In 2011, Gill received two Bessie awards for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer and the Juried Award, which is given to choreographers exhibiting innovation and excitement. During that same year, Dance Magazine named her one of the top 25 artists to watch. The work that inspired this laudatory outpouring.....

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