Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Impressions of a Screening of the Bolshoi Ballet's Marco Spada

David Hallberg as the titular Marco Spada in the filmed version of Bolshoi Ballet’s Marco Spada. Photo by Damir Yusupov courtesy of Bolshoi Theatre. 

The Bolshoi Ballet’s filmed version of “Marco Spada” (which took place in Moscow on March 30) epitomizes all that is magnificent — and all that can be nonsensical — about ballet. Presented by Pathé Live, the screening was held at Village East Cinema and featured a pre-talk by dance historian David Vaughan and dance writer Joan Acocella. The event was catnip for balletomanes.

The Bolshoi is a very fine company, and “Marco Spada” showcases their sophistication and proficiency. Choreographed by Pierre Lacotte (who also designed the sumptuous sets and costumes), the stage swarms with well-trained, fresh-faced dancers. Video can be an unforgiving medium, particularly for ballet with its emphasis on geometric spacing and precise technique, yet this film proves the.....

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Impressions of luciana achugar

luciana achugar’s “Otro Teatro” at New York Live Arts. Photo by Ian Douglas. 
The Middle Ages were characterized by St. Vitus’ Dance, a sort of dancing plague, in which hundreds to thousands of men, women, and children would spontaneously dance for days until toppling from exhaustion. Not everyone succumbed, but for those who did, the experience was frenzied: Individuals would tear off their clothes, smack the bottoms of their feet, and collapse into hysterics. A few even died.

Something similar happens during “Otro Teatro,” a piece by luciana achugar (she spells her name in lowercase letters) at New York Live Arts.  During what is billed as a solo performance, several dozen or so audience members join in the ritualized rapture, a modern episode of dancing mania.  

“Otro Teatro” — literally, other theater — opens with.....

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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Dance Enthusiast's Dance Up Close to Ballet NY

Ballet NY prepares for their New York season. Photo courtesy of Ballet NY. 

Ballet NY, cofounded by husband and wife duo Judith Fugate and Medhi Bahiri, has been a fixture on the New York dance scene since 1999 when the company debuted at The Joyce Theater. Fugate, a former principal with New York City Ballet, and Bahiri, an international guest who performed with diverse companies such as Bejart Ballet and Ballet West, dedicate themselves to pairing top-notch ballet dancers with emerging choreographers.  

The 2014 season, which will take place at Ailey Citigroup Theater, features four pieces — three company premieres and one older work by Bahiri, revisited and retooled. Ballet NY has a strong history of commissioning female choreographers, and this season showcases dance-makers....

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