Thursday, July 31, 2014

Impressions of Between the Seas Festival

Nejla Yatkin's "What dreams may come" appeared as part of Between the Seas Festival. Photo by Patricia Monteiro. 
You would be forgiven for thinking that the news from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea was all bad. It certainly seems that way with coups, wars, and failing economies dominating the news cycle. Between the Seas, a festival founded and produced by Aktina Stathaki, aims to challenge this presumption by showcasing a week's worth of music, theater, and dance by artists who hail from countries like Bosnia, Israel, Syria, and Greece. Tuesday’s program featured a bill split between Turkish artist Nejla Yatkin and Italian company ASMED Balletto di Sardegna.

Yatkin, who opens the program with a preview of "What dreams may come," performs an exquisitely calibrated solo that excavates the tension between persecution and autonomy. Embedding factious images into fluid phrases, she takes the personal — and the political— and....

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Dance Enthusiast's A Day In The Life of Fadi J. Khoury

Fadi J. Khoury of FJK Dance in “Tango Unframed.” Photo by Nir Arieli.
Dancers’ bodies can function as artifacts, portraying imprints of their various physical histories. Fadi J. Khoury has a unique physique due to explorations in forms as varied as classical ballet, competitive ballroom, modern, and Middle Eastern folkdance. Never fully at home in any style, Khoury has opted to weave these distinct influences together to create a new dance language. He formed FJK Dance this year to showcase his own movement and methodology, and the company will present two works — “Tango Unframed” and “Arabesque”— at New York Live Arts in July.

Khoury grew up in Iraq, where his father, whom Khoury cites as a great artist, founded the National Iraqi Ballet. Inspired from an early age by art and music.....

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